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Daikon Gaming [30 Jun 2010|01:58am]
To all attendees, there will be video game free play periods throughout the day along with our regular gaming program. Please feel free to bring your own games to play at the convention during the video game free play periods.

Please visit the website at http://daikonblog.wordpress.com/ for more details.
There will be more updates so please check back regularly.
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DAIKON @ Montreal, Quebec [18 Jun 2010|12:17am]
Daikon is a one day convention catering to Anime and Asian Entertainment in the Montreal downtown area. Daikon will be held on July 3rd, 2010, at the Holiday Inn, 420 Sherbrooke West , Montreal, Quebec.

Fans can enjoy screenings, gaming, exhibitors and more at Daikon. Daikon is a great way to kick off with the summer by hanging out and making new friends, spreading fandom and enjoying events.

A portion of the proceeds at Daikon 2010 will be donated to the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation.

There will be a raffle contest hosted at the convention. A draw will be made every 2 hours during the convention for prizes. For further contest details please visit our website.

At Door Registration

$3.00 (for all ages)

For more information regarding Artist Alley and Volunteer sign up, please visit: http://daikonblog.wordpress.com/
Please check back at the website regularly for more updates. Can't wait to see you there.
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[18 Dec 2008|12:59am]

kandykidz kandykidz kandykidz
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Gay/Lesbian Clubs [03 Feb 2007|09:32pm]

Hey, I know there are some lists of Gay and lesbians clubs in montreal but none of the lists I've found give a cover price.

I'm going to be staying around the Hotel Abri du Voyageur. That is near Ste. Rue Catherine. Do you know general or any specific cover charges for any clubs/bars near here (ones that have numerous lesbian clientel).
Also, any strip clubs near by and their fees?

I want to visit lesbian bars and clubs mainly, and then try out some gay clubs maybe but not primarily.
I'm also trying to figure out the general cover charge.
We're both (me and my partner) over 18.
I like all types of music. She mostly likes rap/hip hop/r&b.

We're going to be there for 4 days 3 nights at that hotel. Visiting museums and gardens, etc during the day, and clubbing during the night.

Thanks for your help!
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[10 Jul 2006|12:02am]

Bonjour tout le monde!
Ma petite soeur de Quebec s'est achete un billet pour le concert de system of a down du 2 aout au Parc Jean-Drapeau a MOntreal et elle ne pourra pas y assister finalement. Moi, sa grande soeur de Montreal me charge donc d'essayer de le vendre pour elle. Puisqu'il reste plusieurs billets sur le Reseau encore, j'offre ce billet a 54 dollars, ce qui equivaudrait a l'acheter sans taxes. Ca lui fera moins mal de perdre dix dollars que 64 dollars.
si vous etes interessés par ce billet, ecrivez moi a marie_noellemartinez@hotmail.com. Premier arrivé, premier servi

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Apartments? [28 Jun 2006|08:46pm]

Hey everyone, check out my profile if you know of any apartments available in the montreal area. If not just ignore me!
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[08 May 2006|01:50pm]

Okay, je commence a avoir de plus grosses payes alors c'est le temps de me rhabiller..alors au lieu de juste courir les occasions online et de les rater, je vais aussi faire une petite annonce...

Je recherche donc pour mes prochains achats...

- Une paire de bottes, aux genous, talons hauts carrés, en cuir ou pvc style marque "Demonia"...avec des strappes de préférence. Pointure 9 ou 10

- Une paire de souliers pointure 9 ou 10..plusieurs styles peuvent m interesser ici alors ca depend de ce que vous avez a vendre...

Et du linge, plein de linge! Pantalons, jupes, camisole, chandails, en autant que ce soit du style pin-up, rockabilly, glam..bref, du pvc, du cuir, du leopard. Je pars en frenzy les prochaines semaines alors n'hésitez pas a m envoyer vos pics de stuff a marie_noellemartinez@hotmail.com. Mes mensurations sont 36-28-36. Je porte en general du medium a large et mes pantalons sont de taille 8 à 10. (28 a 30 dependant des marques)

Je recherche aussi des accesoires, ceintures, sacoches, chapeaux.

Since I am starting to have bigger paychecks, I am in need of spending more cash on clothes. So if you have anything to seel that fits what I am looking for, feel free to post me some pics!

I am looking for
- High heels boots in pvc or leather with straps, size 9 or 10

- Shoes, many kind could interested me, also size 9 or 10

- And tons of clothes, as long as it fits the pin-up, rockabilly, glam style, so lots of pvc, leather and stripes! I am also looking for accessories.
My mensurations are 36-28-36..I usually wear medium and large size, and my pants are size 8 to 10 (28 to 30).

So if you have anything that fits this, write to me and post pics at marie_noellemartinez@hotmail.com!
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[13 Apr 2006|07:54pm]

I bought my friend and I a weekend(until Monday) in Montreal(were from Boston) for her birthday but she bailed. Now I am going alone and just wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions of things for me to do in the area. Ill be staying in the Mont Royal Plateau, and I have tickets to the "white party" on sunday but would like to sell them if possible, so if youre interested in either going with me or buying the tickets drop me a line!

Sorry this is so scattered.

Thank you!
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Rock On [03 Jan 2006|03:16pm]

Alright everyone, its been awhile since anyone posted here, so I thought I'd start of the New Year with a Bang.......a Rock bang that is. January 13th, 2006 come join Team Mocha for THE private Rock Party of the year.

It all starts at 10:30pm til 4:30 am, corner of St-Dominique (near Juice) in a private loft. So places are limited......better make it quick quick quick, cuz it will be hot hot hot. The price at the door is 13$, with a free drink once inside.

For those interested, let me know so you can buy your ticket A.S.A.P. Hope to Rock wicha on January 13th.


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[09 Nov 2005|10:44am]

....one of these kids is not like the other ones.....
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halloween night! [31 Oct 2005|01:40pm]

stephen c. byrne hosts comedyworks open mic halloween night with derick lengwenus, math boylan, de anne smith, andrew searles, kris bonaparte, kwasi thomas, rodney ramsey, adam susser and more. only three bucks.

9pm. 31 october. 1238 Bishop (below st. catherine)
514 398-9661

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Club Stereo [28 Oct 2005|09:36pm]

Hello everyone,
New member here. I have a few questions. Has anyone here been to Club Stereo? How much is it to get in on a Saturday? What is the crowd like? What is the overall cost of a night there?
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for $8 bucks how wrong could you possibly go? [21 Oct 2005|09:38am]

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x-posted [16 Aug 2005|02:49pm]
[ mood | curious ]

has anyone in here heard of a club named MTL on St. Laurent? A friend of mine swears there is one, but I've never seen/heard of it. If anyone has heard of it, can I get your opinion on it? Thanks!

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[28 Jul 2005|05:17am]

A couple of Montreal virgins (both females in their early twenties) will be in town for a quick visit from Saturday night to Sunday night. I have no idea where to suggest they go Sat night based on their musical taste, and they don't really know anyone here, so I'm turning to you fine folks.

I quote: "I'm really into jam bands, like grateful dead, Bob Marley, Phish, String Cheese Incident. I also enjoy oldies, indie rock, and classic rock as well. Some of Terri's favorite bands are Pedro the Lion, The Shins, Iron and Wine...more mellow stuff."

So. Where to?

(x-posted to Montreal)
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[Review] Mutek 6th Edition - By Suz [11 Jul 2005|05:53pm]

Sanity – I wondered where mine had disappeared to while enduring a 34 hour bus ride cross country to Montreal, Quebec. Sleep deprived thoughts consumed my mind while I repeatedly tried to maintain composure sitting millimeters away from the passenger to my left. A sore back, full bladder and a never-ending growling stomach – what is worth this agony, one might ask. I can proclaim with great confidence that a certain festival that occurs annually, in a city that is commonly known for its ethnic culture and diversity was worth every agonizing moment.

For Suzanne's complete coverage of the festival, click here
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[05 Jul 2005|07:01pm]

hello there!
i am probably doing a year in the uni in montreal next year and just wondered what the music buzz is out there?
my gf went out recently (she was born there...got a bro called jesse charlebois out there too) and thought it wasn't like any city in britian...
be happy if you kids could give me some more info...im into my electroclash, eg lcd soundsystem, soulwax, !!!, the go! team, ladytron.....the list goes ever on,

dave (19)
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[12 May 2005|04:41pm]

I have two special mention for Best Radio show and Best Host DJ in the Mirror Best of Montreal!

Thanks to everyone who voted for me!
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Colors Nightclub Thursday Night [11 May 2005|11:56pm]


Limited tickets available for Good Vibes Thursday at Colors Nightclub (1417 St Laurent, at Ste Catherine)

Tickets are $10 at the door, but available in advance for $7 by contacting partypromoter@gmail.com

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TIU RIC- Club Party Oh my Darlin! [11 May 2005|10:31pm]

Hope this doesn't feel spammy but I just want everyone in my livejournal network to know about it.

Big club party awesome veteran Funk and Electro House DJs
This is my company in collaboration with Stockface Photo Studio/Modeling agency.

Check out the site:

Play Free everyone.

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