willows_weep (willows_weep) wrote in mtl_clubs,

Gay/Lesbian Clubs

Hey, I know there are some lists of Gay and lesbians clubs in montreal but none of the lists I've found give a cover price.

I'm going to be staying around the Hotel Abri du Voyageur. That is near Ste. Rue Catherine. Do you know general or any specific cover charges for any clubs/bars near here (ones that have numerous lesbian clientel).
Also, any strip clubs near by and their fees?

I want to visit lesbian bars and clubs mainly, and then try out some gay clubs maybe but not primarily.
I'm also trying to figure out the general cover charge.
We're both (me and my partner) over 18.
I like all types of music. She mostly likes rap/hip hop/r&b.

We're going to be there for 4 days 3 nights at that hotel. Visiting museums and gardens, etc during the day, and clubbing during the night.

Thanks for your help!
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